Insight Paper: Walk-Thru the Old Testament

Author: Steve Hixon

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Walk-Thru the Old Testament

_____ years ago in the city of ________, God chose _____ people to be the ________ of the earth: ________, ________, ________ and ________. They journeyed up past the ________ and ________ Rivers, to the town of ________, where ________ died. Then they traveled down past the Sea of ________, the ________ River, and the ________ Sea to the land of ________, where ________, who had the "eyes' of faith, had two sons, ________ and ________. Isaac had two sons, ________ and ________. Jacob had ________ sons, one of whom was named ________, who was sold into slavery into ________, where his people remained in bondage for _____ years.

After that time, God raised up a deliverer named ________, who said "Let my people go!". Pharaoh said, "________ way!" God sent the ________ plagues; Pharaoh said "OK". The ________ Sea parted and the people went down to Mt. ________, where they received the Law, in 3 parts: ________, ________, and ________. They also received plans for the ________, and the priests and the Levites. They went up to Kadesh- ________, where they sent out _____ spies: ten came back and said "No way!", two came back and said "Yes, way!" - their names were ________ and ________. But the majority ruled, and so the nation wandered in the wilderness for _____ years, eating ________ and ________, and that generation died. They traveled to the top of the ________ Sea, where Moses delivered his last 3 sermons (the book of ________) and then he died.

Joshua took over, crossed the ________ River, defeated ________ and Ai, and conquered the land, first the south and then the north. The land was divided up among the _____ tribes. Then came the period of the ________, some of whom were ________, Deborah, and ________. The last judge, ________, was also the first prophet. He crowned the first king, ________, who was followed by ________ and ________; 40, 40, 40 years a piece-all in all, 120 years of the ________ Kingdom.

Then the kingdom split: north-south, ________-________, 19-20, 0-8. ________ came over, conquered Israel, and scattered the people. Then ________ came, conquered Judah, and took the people into exile for _____ years.

At the end of that time, 3 men came back: ________ came back to rebuild the ________, Ezra came back to rebuild the people, and ________ came back to rebuild the ________. Then there were _____ years of silence, and finally Jesus Christ came.

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