Sermon/Study Guide: Home Improvement

Author: Steve Hixon

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“What does a healthy family look like?”
“Do good marriages exist?"”
“Is it possible to have one?”
“What does the Bible say?”

The difference between the ideal and the real can be shocking when it comes to human relationships. We can fool our co-workers, and sometimes even our friends, but when it comes to the people we actually live with, we are confronted with a daily dose of reality. Many of us grew up watching the Cleavers on TV and thinking that, with a little effort, marriage and family life could be as serene and peaceful as Ozzie & Harriet experienced. Then we got into touch with our feelings and found out how to spell “dysfunctional”, and suddenly every marriage and family and individual was suspect. How do we keep from unrealistic idealism on the one hand, and a cynical hopelessness on the other?
Jesus is the answer.
Does a relationship with Jesus Christ automatically eliminate all problems? No. Sadly, the divorce rate among Christians is no longer much different from the rest of the population. But there is hope. People who are willing to be honest with themselves, their spouse and their children - and with God - can experience the redeeming love of Christ in the midst of our struggles and failures. Healthy homes, safe marriages, and nurturing parents can be the result, for God is the author of relationships.

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