Sermon/Study Guide: James

Author: Steve Hixon

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A Study/Sermon Series by Steve Hixon

Lesson Passage Sermon Date
Introduction & Overview
How to Bear Up When Life Bears Down
How to "Just Say No"
Don't Just Listen - Do Something!
This Ain't No Country Club!
Are You Rowing with Both Oars?
Hold That Thought!
Wise Living in a Foolish World
The Doctor Is In!
How to be Your Own Selfish Pig
God, Give Me Patience - Right Now!
Practicing the Presence of God

James 1:1-12
James 1:13-18
James 1:19-27
James 2:1-13
James 2:14-26
James 3:1-12
James 3:13-18
James 4:1-10
James 4:11 - 5:6
James 5:7-11
James 5:12-20

April 11, 1999

April 18, 1999
April 25, 1999
May 2, 1999
May 9, 1999

May 16, 1999
May 23, 1999
May 30, 1999

"The Epistle of James enlarges our practical understanding of faith. To be sure Paul is practical, but normally he begins with an imposing theological argument (for example, Romans 1-11 or Ephesians 1-3) and then gives practical exhortation (for example, Romans 12-16, Ephesians 4-6). James, however, begins right off with a series of practical admonitions and continues on nonstop to the end. E.J.Goodspeed has called James' discussion "just a handful of pearls, dropped one by one into the hearers' mind." Some see twenty-five major divisions, others twelve, some four, and some a few as two. One thing is clear - the dominant theme is, faith that is real works practically in one's life. That is, true faith is a faith that works."

R. Kent Hughes

Recommended Reading:
R. Kent Hughes, James: Fath That Works, Cornerstone Books
Dave Roper, The Law That Sets You Free, Word Books
Douglas Webster, Finding Spiritual Direction, InterVarsity Press