Sermon/Study Guide: Rediscovering Church

Author: Steve Hixon

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God's Design for a New Community

The comedian Gallagher, reflecting on his childhood, once said, “Church was a weekly reminder that there was something worse than school.“

Yikes! Is that how you secretly feel about the church? Can you identify with the old cigarette commercial that asked, “Are you smoking more but enjoying it less?” Has church become a habit that you do without thinking, but honestly you're enjoying it less and less? Or, like many, have you given up on church altogether? Do you wish Church was more like the old TV show “Cheers” — a safe place to go, be yourself, where everybody knows your name and accepts you for who you are?

New churches usually begin with high hopes, lofty aspirations, a clear vision, and the camaraderie of working together to “make it happen”. But over the years that initial clarity and enthusiasm can wane and become routine. In this series we try to re-examine why we're doing what we're doing at Fellowship Bible Church. We're looking to rediscover why, as one friend recently put it, “Church is the best thing on earth!”

The Vision of a New Community
Good Shepherds: Elders and the Task of Leadership
Spiritual Gifts: The Key to an Every-Member Ministry
Wise Stewardship: Using Things to Love people
Discipleship: How We Grow Spiritually
Being Salt: Loving the Community We Live in
Being Light: Telling People about Jesus
Worship: Loving God with our Whole Lives

A Sermon Series by Steve Hixon

Lesson Passage Sermon Date
The Vision of a New Community
Good Shepherds: Elders and the
task of leadership
Every-Member Ministry: Discovering
your Spritual Gifts
Stewardship: Wisely Using all that we have
Spiritual Growth: Disciples are learners
You are the Salt of the Earth:
Loving people without using words
You are the Light of the World:
Telling friends why we have hope
Worship: The greatest privilege
Acts 2:42-47

2 Corinthians 8:1-15

August 8, 1999

August 15, 1999

August 22, 1999
August 29, 1999
September 5, 1999

September 12, 1999

September 19, 1999
September 26, 1999